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More about Geoff Hunter

​Geoff Hunter was born in 1949 and spent his youth on a farm in the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa. After matric he studied fine art and Graphic Design at the Johannesburg College of Art, spending the following thirty years in advertising, specializing in commercial illustration. ​
His experience in drawing and all mediums over three decades and a childhood love of the Southern African bushveld and its animals has led to Geoff to a dedicated profession as a wildlife artist, providing him the opportunity to get up close to his subject matter. ​
The artist places his animals in imaginative and evocative impressionistic backgrounds that conjure up visions of trees, rocks, grasses and scrub without meticulous rendering. ​
The precision needed in animal drawing and the loose, spontaneous flair needed for abstract painting is not often found in the same has to be able to think and execute in both modes during the creative process - jumping between opposing sets of mental paradigms. ​ The "lightness" of his palette and the "sparseness" of his composition result in deceptively simple works...showing a confidence and fluency in execution that has resulted in a very distinctive personal style. ​
He has shown that he possesses the compositional skills and the interpretive flair that go beyond pure zoological know-how. ​
Recent commissions to depict African rural scenes and prehistoric animals indicate the quality of Hunter's drawing skills, his understanding of animal and human anatomy and his ability to render naturalistic likeness without resorting to photorealism.
It must be added that Hunter's devotion to accuracy, detail and respective "textures" of the animals offer the viewer a glimpse of the beauty and mystery found in our wild animal kingdom.

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