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Jana Du Toit has been a professional artist for 26 years; she has a worldwide market with her art pieces reaching around the globe in private collections and the like. She is renowned for her famous cosmos flowers and her abstract line - depicting scenes from the Western Cape, South Africa.
Born 1945 in Moorreesburg, Western Cape, she is on the brink of acclaiming Old-Master status as one of South Africa's most famous and sought after artists.
Jana uses only the finest pigment paints and has achieved renown for mediums of oil, acrylic, watercolours and pastels. The peculiar and lasting influence of the colourful lifestyle of local fishermen as she grew up, is evident in her vibrant, lively pieces of art. As a young girl she would sit and paint for hours, sketching expressions of her soul and capturing her emotions on canvas. It is only later in life she would solidify her dream of becoming a full-time artist. Having had no art lessons or classes, her art is truly without suppression. Jana is an entirely self taught artist. She gives all credit to her creator.
She endeavours to put on canvas the entire atmosphere of the scene in all its facets, be it Western Cape or Tuscan landscapes. Living and growing up in the Western Cape, South Africa, is what she believes gives her the privilege to put the entirety of “living in the Western Cape reality”, in canvas form.
Jana resided in the Bushveld, during which she learned to express the beautiful sunset skies and the buzz of the African environment. That which we see on canvas is undoubtedly sourced from within the heart of an artist, untouched freedom to convey the ultimate in today’s market – true un-compromised art.
Art is her way of sharing a piece of her soul with whoever sees beyond the religiosity the art world so often backslides into. Everyone with an appreciation for the truth in which beauty is portrayed will enjoy her work.

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